Project 02: CSS - The Visual Presentation

Online Magazine

Design Process

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01: Topic


02: Content

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  • 03: Hierarchy

    h1 = Masthead/magazine brand

    h2 Section title

    h3 Article title

    h4 Article section title

    h5 Article subsection title

    h6 Article subsubsection title

    Magazine Proposal

    01: Target Audience
    Young to middle-aged adults of lower to middle class income, male and female. Family friendly, any ethnicity. Located in United states or are planning to travel to the U.S.

    02: Form
    Very informational content with whimsical illustrations and some photography. I want the magazine to be fun and inviting of the viewers to visit the places mentioned.

    03: Magazine Definition
    This travel magazine presents specific places/experiences that a wide variety of audiences would appreciate and consider adding to their bucket list.

    04: Objectives
    Present locations/activities that won't break the bank but are fun/unique.